Railway Flexitank

Product features:

PRD Flexitank pass a variety of testing qualifications and meet the transportation requirements of various companies' products.

Unique heat sealing technology, unique 360° heat sealing technology, high heat seal strength, good airtightness, safe and stable.

Materials are made from food-grade low-density polyethylene and high-weft tubular polypropylene by heat sealing and sewing.

Using high-steel nanometer polypropylene one-piece valve, the characteristics of the bottom of the valve to increase the suction hole, unloading more clean.

Railway Flexitank is a flexible packaging container used for rail transport of non-dangerous liquid goods. It is not much different from the ordinary container liquid bag, except that the baffle and frame are different.

The quality of PRD Flexitank has been checked through layers and experimentally verified from raw materials, resulting in the production of high-quality fluid bags. PRD is based on professional technology.With the operation of honesty and continuous innovation, the company has developed rapidly.At the same time as the development, the company has not forgotten its original minds, summed up its experience and continuously optimized its services for its customers.As always, the enthusiasm has won the high evaluation and favor of new and old customers.

The impact of the PRD Flexitank on the high-strength dynamic operation of the railway test, the bag bag body has no change, no displacement, no leakage, the valve, the door stop has no displacement, no contact with the door, no crack,The container wall variable meets the required standards.

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