Qingdao PRD packaging materials co., LTD., production fluid bags are to be covered by the international famous insurance company product liability insurance, we promise all due to our liquid bag of value loss caused by quality problems, single compensation amount is $5 million, to maximize the protection of the interests of our customers, in order to further ensure the safe use, the company implemented 24 hours service mechanism, establish a efficient, rapid emergency system, deal with various emergent accidents in the process of product use, on-site implementation according to different situations of different emergency treatment method, accident compensation can be provided in each part of the world service, all-weather use to protect the safety of customers, for customers from worries.


Our factory of each flexitank has a unique product serial number, the problems in use process can implement the whole process of quality traceability, from raw materials procurement, inspection, production process, to the whole process of product quality control, PRD flexitank products won the unanimous approval and favorable comment of customer, to be designated as part of the customer's products.