PRD in order to better provide customers with satisfactory products and services, in line with the brand with quality, benefit with efficiency of business ideas, constitute a set of perfect after-sale guarantee service network throughout the country, in the provinces set up late delivery warehouse, shop, transportation, personnel, maintenance personnel, etc., can be timely to provide customers with products   and better service.To ensure stable and reliable product at the same time, and   constantly improve the quality of our service and additional service outlets, from   the sale of the supply, transportation route, technical services, technical training and so on various aspects improve optimization, guarantee the customer can get the best service, customer satisfaction, rest assured.


We arrange shop staff in each province area, help customers to guide the loading and unloading, pavement service, the first to use liquid bag customers worry-free, all service to our operations, customers need to wait for unloading, we offer our customers the "door to door" service by the vast  number of customers praise, which saves a lot of cost for the customer, transport efficiency and    improved a lot.Our team will regularly the door for customers free training guidance after-sales service team, increase the accuracy and safety of products use, check the integrity of the loader, for the   factory to guarantee the production safety.In order to protect the interests of the customers,   the company implemented 24 hours service mechanism, all-weather use for customers to use to protect  the safety of customers from worries, in case accident will arrange personnel to the nearest to the post, in the first field implement different according to different situations of emergency response measures, make the customer's product in the first place inside a bailout, losses to a minimm.