Track Flexitank

Product features:

Save 30% on packaging purchase costs and save on the costs of storage processing and material management.

Just pay one way shipping, no empty shipping and cleaning costs.

Safety and health, and can effectively prevent cross-contamination of cargo.

Not affected by supply, distribution, geography and environment.

Simple and efficient operation, saving labor costs and saving time.

Ensure the transfer of goods from the factory to achieve "door-to-door" transportation.

In line with environmental protection and food packaging requirements, product raw materials are environmentally friendly.

Track Flexitank are another form of container liquid bags, which are used with liquid bags used by flat-rail fence cars and heavy-duty trucks.According to customer requirements and truck dimensions, customized services.The vehicle-mounted liquid bag is also a packaging container capable of packaging and transporting a variety of non-hazardous liquids. It solves the problem that the container must be used when the bag is transported in cities in the country.Completely replace containers, tank containers, Railcom, and IBC barrels.   

PRD Track Flexitank have the advantages of safety, fastness, low transportation cost and high loading rate in transportation.Compared with the traditional liquid packaging container barrels and container tanks, the vehicle liquid bags can save customers 30% of the packaging purchase cost.Greatly reduce the customer's packaging, storage and transportation coss.

PRD Track Flexitank can meet the transportation requirements of various vehicles.The liquid bag is made of food-grade low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) through a heat sealing and sewing process.The material is a degradable material, which has the advantages of recyclability, environmental protection, no pollution, safety and health, high operating efficiency, and saving the cost of customer packaging.

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