Flexitank have a significant comparative advantage.

Jan 10, 2018 By

Flexitank is widely used in the risk of liquid transportation, on the transport operation is simple operation and save time, save manpower, save a large part of the spending on transport costs, on the issue of shipping the products to bring great benefits.

What's the advantage of using liquid bags? Let's compare.

1. Compared with traditional filling: container bags are not affected by supply, distribution, region and environment, no empty container return freight and cleaning expenses, can effectively avoid cross contamination of goods.There is no inland ferry fare for single - way freight, and the liquid assembly bag transport greatly simplifies and facilitates the loading and unloading operation.The liquid can be discharged to the maximum extent, leaving the least liquid remaining when unloading.It is not necessary to consider the shortage of shipping space and box source, so as to guarantee the customers' timely import and export plan and reduce the operation cost of customers.

2. Compared with the iron drum packing: the same container liquid bag capacity bucketing over 40% more, and nearly 40% cost reduction, the original must be four container shipment of the goods, use liquid bag of three containers is enough, to save one container transportation costs and packaging costs, plus the container liquid bag of simple operation, two people with only 1 hours can easily finish all cargo work, completely eliminated the multifarious procedures as required by the bulk goods and the materials needed by manpower, working hours, the costs of many aspects, such as, pay only one-way freight, a large number of cut handling package.

3. Compared with tons of barrels: every 20 ft international standard container with IBC barrel at the time of shipment is up to 21600 liters, and use the container liquid bag of up to 24000 liters, on the basis of the IBC barrel to pay the freight, but it can be more 2400 liters of goods, unit freight costs and reduce a lot, again, using the IBC barrels of forklift loading and unloading must need, such as equipment, and container liquid bag only two operation with 1 hour can easily finish all cargo work.Ensure that the goods are transferred from the factory, realize "door to door" transportation, comply with environmental protection and food packaging requirements, and the raw materials of the products are free of pollution to the environment.