PRD FLEXITANK advantage.

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Multiple testing qualification: qingdao PRD flexitankhas passed the certification of food safety system FSSC22000, enterprise quality management strictly follows the ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005 food safety quality management system operation, by the ministry of railways product quality inspection center, the qualification for railway impact export transportation access, but also for the jewish kosher certification, FDA, Halal have food, by the United States (TTCL) international COA rail impact test and production test review, at the same time won the red FQML container association certification.At the same time, the pureed liquid bag is the COA member of the container owner association.

High steel nano-polypropylene valve: it has more strength than ordinary polypropylene or reinforced polypropylene, and it has a mild and moderate corrosion resistance.3 "3" ball valve and butterfly valve, conforms to the FDA, EC international food standards, such as valve with lock design, more safety, increase qualities prevent suction hole at the bottom of the valve, avoid in the process of unloading the inner PE membrane adsorption in the bottom of the valve, discharge cleaner, less liquid residue.Affordable - 20 ℃ low temperature, special material intensity bigger, with a strong collision is not crack, strong sealing, guarantee the safe use of the valve, the boss prod - ball can bear the pressure of up to 8 KGS, no leakage, not burst;Butterfly valves can withstand up to 4KGS pressure.The valve screw has the lock function, can not open the screw properly after the lock, prevent the thing that opens the screw to steal goods.

Automatic exhaust Settings: 0.3 m, 2 m exhaust valve, automatically when liquid bag air pressure over a certain amount of pressure, time can ensure the safety of transportation by different diameter, different products applicable to transport, convenient sampling, every moment ensure the safe operation of the liquid bag to use.

Liquid bag of protective layers: the outer is using a wire forming special high latitude tubular PP, do not need to suture, on both sides of the bag body is greatly enhanced wear resistance and permeability, safer than PP sheet, add the high latitude, intensity bigger, stretching negative stronger, is different from common reworked material of PP on the market, our company use the PP all is pure new material.The inner PE is more than 12.5 thickness, and is made of pure new material. The tensile strength is larger, which conforms to the food grade standard and is tested by plasticizer.

Unique thermal bonding technology: the unique 360 ° thermal bonding technology, the high heat sealing strength, good air tightness, safe stable, each bag is a four article insurance increased, with automatic welding equipment, welding time accurately to the number of seconds after the decimal point three seconds, make the tolerance and resistance to greatly enhance the shaking force.

New accessories: all the matching accessories are new products that meet the requirements.

Launch “door to door fully secure service”: can help customers to complete all the work in the process of transportation, without cumbersome and arrangements, as long as you give us a shipping address and shipping address, the customer wait for unloading.