What is the problem of flexitank handling?

Apr 18, 2018 By

Flexitank with convenient, large capacity, was more and more enterprises choose to transport product in great quantities, liquid bag also rapid development in any mode of transport, has an important and indispensable position.But flexitank packaging container, after all, is a kind of software in use there are many places need to be aware of, to prevent the accident, the following led by boss prod you learn what problem should be paid attention to:

1. Check whether the outer packing box of the flexitank is damaged before using the flexitank, check whether the valve and edge of the flexitank are damaged or broken, and if obvious damage is found, it must be replaced immediately.

2. Remove any impurities and sharp objects in the container, clean them up, and protect the box wall and other places that may affect the use of flexitank .

3.When using the pallet, try to use the pallet, avoid using the hooks, do not put it on the ground or drag it to other places, otherwise it will be damaged.

4. When loading liquid bags, keep the liquid bags loaded smoothly. The position of the loading tube is always adjusted perpendicular to the fluid bag during loading.

5. Do not stand under the bulk bag during the lifting operation, but also avoid collision of the container carrying the liquid bag against any object.

6. When unloading, follow the instructions in the manual and follow the steps step by step until the cargo is unloaded. Liquid bags should be placed on shelves, and liquid bags must be tightly covered with opaque sheds.