How to use liquid bags should choose the right container shipping

Jun 15, 2017 By

★ Containers for liquid bags should be suitable for the safe and legal transportation of non-hazardous liquid products.

★ Containers carrying liquid bags of containers should be in a good condition and meet the shipping company's status standards, which are usually the "Consolidated Inspection and Maintenance Standards for Containers" (UCIRC).

★ container shall comply with ISO 1496:2013 part 3 of the regulation, and the effective of the convention on the safety of international container should be marked (CSC) sign, inspection date and effective regular inspection plan (PES) or container security inspection plan (ACEP) in succession.

★ The  container shall be a 20-foot standard container no longer than 5 years old.The rated total quality of the 20-foot standard container should be at least 30480kg.If necessary and feasible, a higher level container (such as a container rated at 32500kg) can be selected.

★ Containers shall not have the marks or labels marked "dangerous" and shall not be loaded with any radioactive substances or toxic substances that may harm the human body.

★ If container any possible damage, poke bad any sharp edges or affect the liquid container bag, depression, or other defects or surface condition, the surface of the container should be appropriate protective material, such as adhesive tape or wood.

★ If the structure of the container is not determined to be complete or if the container is suitable for the installation or transportation of containers, the container should be adjusted or replaced.

★ Maintenance shall comply with the maintenance procedures of international container leasing company (IICL).

★ When carrying food products (including food additives), a special box shall be selected for the case.Food containers should be kept clean, free of contamination, impurities and odors.If there is no requirement, it must be replaced.

★ Suggested that the shipping company should use the container bag in the container to confirm specific requirements.