FIBC/Bulk Bag

Product features:

Woven polypropylene FIBC bulk bags are both durable and economical. The tightly woven polypropylene strips create a light, yet extremely strong and tear resistant material. Bulk bags are made from 100% virgin polypropylene which can be recycled by the truck load and are also reusable under certain conditions.

We can customize your bags to suit your specific needs or choose from a wide range of standard sizes. We help our customers reach solutions and make informed decisions and help them improve their total cost of production.

We mainly offer four different styles of FIBC, which include BAFFLE, FOUR-PANEL,TUBULAR, U-PANEL. Custom printing is also available upon request. Contact our company today to learn more about our superior line of FIBCs.

How is the PP woven bags worked out?  
Preparing the material – cutting the material – get the logo onto the fabric panel – sewing the reusable bags – inspecting the finished goods – packing the goods and well-stored till the delivery

How to guarantee the 100% qualified products delivered? 
We have the very strict and complete inspection system, which is running through the whole process from preparing the material till packing the finished goods. All the material and accessories are checked; every production line owns the inspector specialized for checking the half-finished goods every minute; all the finished goods are inspected 100% before packing. 

How to ensure the delivery time? 
For the very good relationship with the material’s suppliers, we are always receiving their strong supports on the very urgent projects, and shorting the time a lot on preparing the material.

How to make sure the PP bags are durable and in good quality?
We have almost10 years experience in manufacturing, nearly every problem regarding the reusable bag we had already experienced.

We will apply the best way in each production process. Such as: The pp woven bag suppose to stand more strength so we put extra reinforce on the top of piping (turn it back and sewed over). For non woven bag, we use 100% virgin pp material to make sure the fabric is durable, to prevent any potential problem such as tearing and puncturing.

Can I have the samples bags for free ?

Yes, of course. we can send you similar bags in stock for free and you only need to pay DHL courier postages.

But if you need to design/customize sample, we would ask for the pringting plate cost and this costs would be returned from your regular order payments.


Some tips for testing the bags' quality:
Sewing & durability: Put something heavy into the bag, jump several times, and hang it for 1 hour. Check the thread between handles and bags. It’s also important to check the piping strength: Put your hands into the bag, suddenly push on two sides for several times, check if piping is broken. Last: check if the sewing on corner is good.
Material: Feel the fabric with your hands. Good material feels smooth & soft. Put your nose into the bag, check if there are smell. Good fabric have no or less smell. If you have chance, tear the fabric to check the anti-tear ability. If the bag is laminated shopping bag, rub the fabric heavily, then check if the pp film fall apart from the base material.
Printing: Nobody want their logo be printed on bag in a wrong color. Before you place order, if you have a pantone book, tell supplier the pantone number. If you haven’t, you can send your design (printed on paper) to the supplier.

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