IBC Liner

Product features:

IBC Liner use food-grade low density polyethylene for direct contact with food grade liquid products.

Unique heat sealing technology, unique 360° heat sealing technology, high heat seal strength, good airtightness, safe and stable.

According to different container needs can be customized supporting size inner bag and bag body material.

According to different customer loading and unloading requirements, configure suitable loading and unloading ports and accessories.

Simple operation, saving manpower and material resources, saving time, high work efficiency.

The IBC Liner is a packaging product for storing and transporting non-hazardous liquids and edible liquids and placed inside the intermediate bulk containers.It has the advantages of light weight, simple assembly, easy recycling, occupying small storage space, strong endurance, low cost, and waterproofness.It has been favored by many customers because of its transportation advantages in medium and bulk liquid products.The inner bag can hold 800-1200 liters of liquid, without the cost of cleaning and returning, which is both safe and cost-effective.

Qingdao PRD developed a new type of IBC Liner food-grade inner liner bag, which is controlled by unique heat sealing technology and multiple processes.Can be customized according to customer needs of different specifications and models, different materials, lined bags, can be placed in folding cartons, collapsible plastic boxes, iron drums, metal turnover boxes.

Unique advantages

vHealth and Safety:IBC Liner use food-grade low density polyethylene       for direct contact withfood grade liquid products

vEasy to operate:It can be opened and placed in the container manually to   open and fix the valve. It is easy to operate, saving time and effort.

vSave costs:Not subject to supply, distribution, geography and environment, saving logistics costs

vSafety and environmental protection:Food-grade low-density polyethylene liner bags, environmentally friendly materials can be recycled, processed

vStrong endurance:Placed in paper tonnage can be stacked in multiple layers, strong and durable

vSmall storage space:Foldable multi-layered, square structure saves space

vTailored:According to the requirements, different loading and unloading ports can be customized.

Applicable Products

  • Non-dangerous liquid chemicals:

Plasticizers, Synthetic Resins, Cleaners,Disinfectants, Surfactants, Polyols,Feed additives, silicates, saline solutions,Printing oil, ink, ethylene glycol,Propylene glycol, natural rubber, synthetic latex,Cleaners, fluorescent brighteners,Polyether, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.


  • Various industrial greases:

Lubricants, lubricating oil additives,Transformer oil, base oil, white oil,Tung oil, glycerin, coconut oil,Hydraulic oil, gear oil, castor oil,High oil fatty acids, oleic acid, process oils.


  • foodstuffs:

Wine, edible oil, castor oil,Food additives, various types of fruit juice,Yellow wine, wheat fine, sorbitol,Amino acids, palm oil, soy sauce,Corn sweeteners, soy sauce, vinegar,Mineral water, wheat fine, all kinds of syrup and so on.

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