Land Flexitank

Product features:

Save 30% on packaging purchase costs, reduce costs associated with storage processing and material management.

Unique heat sealing technology, unique 360° heat sealing technology, high heat seal strength, good airtightness, safe and stable.

Materials are made from food-grade low-density polyethylene and high-weft tubular polypropylene by heat sealing and sewing.

Safe and hygienic, and can effectively avoid cross-contamination of goods, in line with environmental protection and food packaging requirements.

Ensure the transfer of goods from the factory to achieve "door-to-door" transportation.

PRD Land Flexitank can meet the transportation requirements of various vehicles.The liquid bag is made of food-grade low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) through a heat sealing and sewing process.The material is degradable material, can be recycled, environmental protection, non-pollution has safety and health, high operating efficiency, saving the cost of customer packaging and other advantages.

Applicable Products

1. Non-dangerous liquid chemicals:

Plasticizers, synthetic resins,Cleaners, Disinfectants,Surfactant,Polyols, Feed Additives,Silicate, saline solution,Printing oil, ink,Ethylene glycol, propylene glycol,Natural rubber, synthetic latex,Cleaners, fluorescent brighteners,Polyether, herbicides,Fertilizer etc.


2. Various industrial greases:

Lubricants, lubricating oil additives,Transformer    oil, base oil,White oil, tung oil,Glycerin, coconut oil,Hydraulic oil, gear oil,Castor oil, high oil fatty acids,  Oleic acid, process oil.


3. foodstuffs:

Wine, cooking oil,Castor oil, food additives,Various types of fruit juice,Yellow wine, wheat fine,Sorbitol, amino acids,Palm oil, soy sauce, Corn sweetener, soy sauce,Vinegar, mineral water,Maijing, all kinds of syrups and so on.

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