Highway Flexitank

Product features:

Simple and efficient operation, saving labor costs and saving time.

Not affected by supply, distribution, geography and environment.

Just pay one way shipping, no empty shipping and cleaning costs.

Save 30% on packaging purchase costs and save on the costs of storage processing and material management.

Safe and hygienic, and can effectively avoid cross-contamination of goods, in line with environmental protection and food packaging requirements.

Ensure the transfer of goods from the factory to achieve "door-to-door" transportation.

Highway Flexitank are custom-made liquid bags placed on high-column cars  to replace containers, and road liquid bags are also packaging containers that can package and transport various non-hazardous liquids.The highway bag is composed of multi-layer food grade PE lined bags plus a layer of PP strong 

wear-resistant woven bags.

The volume of road Highway Flexitank is determined according to the length of the tall-gauge vehicle, and it completely replaces tank containers, iron drums,   IBC drums, and containers.

Highway Flexitank have the advantages of safety, fastness, low transportation cost and high loading rate in terms of transportation, which greatly reduce         the customers' packaging, storage and transportation costs.

The valve for loading and Highway Flexitank on the highway liquid bag is fixed on the flange, and its high safety design effectively avoids the leakage problem of the connection between the valve and the liquid bag during transportation.

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